This Site Honors the Great Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1855, as well as the little known Second Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1856, and the 1856 Stevens Skirmish

Considerable attention has been given the Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1855, in which Governor Isaac Stevens signed three treaties with inland tribes, creating the Yakama, Nez Perce, and Umatilla Indian reservations. Click on the 1855 Council link above to read key portions of the official transcript of that Council. 

Some attention has also been given to the ensuing Battle of Walla Walla, the four-day struggle from December 7-10, 1855 in the Frenchtown area west of Walla Walla, between Indian forces and several hundred Oregon Mounted Volunteers, while Governor Stevens had gone on to negotiate treaties in the Blackfoot country and was planning to return through the Walla Walla Valley where Indian leaders had vowed to intercept and kill him. 

There has been little note, however, of the fact that from September 11-17, 1856, Governor Stevens held a Second Walla Walla Treaty Council involving a number of tribes hostile to the treaties as well as some friendly Nez Perce.  Early on the afternoon of September 19, 1856 after the failure of the Second Treaty Council, an attack was made on Stevens and his party, leading to fighting in the Mill Creek area throughout the afternoon, night, and into the following day.

For a detailed account of the Second Walla Walla Treaty Council of 1856 and the Stevens Skirmish, including first person accounts and a map of probable skirmish points, click here.

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